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Bronze Deadbolt Lock on a White Door – Good Clean Fun in Los Angeles

I took this picture on Thursday, August 18th, 2022. I was at Good Clean Fun, a coffee shop and wine bar in downtown Los Angeles. Good Clean Fun is an interesting place, selling coffee during the day and wine at night, and has one of those cool order-from-your-phone at the table systems. It’s a trendy little joint.

And then we have the restroom lock.Bronze Deadbolt on a white door

We’re looking at a pretty standard one-sided deadbolt lock here. It’s a faded gold/bronze color, and a good size and weight.

The screws interest me on this one, because it seems like the lever would block them unless you have the deadbolt resting halfway between open and closed.

The screws themselves are a little disappointing though – just standard Phillips head, nothing more interesting or more hidden. But again, the placement is a little nonstandard, which is nice.

Good Clean Fun loses points for me because the handle also has a lock button, but it’s hard to tell if that does anything. I would much prefer this to be a standard handle without the lockset since it’s just plain redundant.

Bonus points for having the coat hook though! It’s interesting that the coat hook seems to match the color of the deadbolt, while the handle is off in its own world, I guess matching the metal plating and the trash can? Props for good trash can placement and the tile wainscoting is always an excellent restroom choice.

I do NOT like how low the coat hook is, by the way. Long jacket? You’re out of luck.

We are seeing a little bit of wear here on the paint. It’s not bad, but I’m not sure if it goes with their image. And it’s not yet severe enough to make it more interesting either.

All in all, it’s not a bad lock, tries to be refined, but comes across as rather standard.