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Handleset Button Lock in Wood – Bar at Pearson & Rush in Chicago

I took this photo on Tuesday, January 28th, 2014. This was taken at some old bar near Streeterville, around the intersection of Pearson & Rush in Chicago.

This one is pretty standard, but classics are classics.

Handleset Push-button Lock

The handle itself is smooth, bright, and polished, and the keeper frame appears to be pretty clean too. That suggests regular cleaning.

The wooden door looks a lot more aged and worn. You can tell there are scratches and scuff marks around where people have hit it with their hands when grabbing the handle. It’s got a little bit of discoloration, too, and some curved marks a little beneath the handle.

The doorframe shows even more character. The pea-green color is an interesting choice, especially with the cream-flambé tile wainscoting. And the whole edge of the doorframe is cracked and chipped, a unique pattern of wear over the years.

The lock itself is a classic push-button in a handle, which is easy to use, albeit a little boring.

But at least the door fits nice and tight to the frame. You gotta love a good lock like this!