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Airplane Slide Bolt Lock taken Midflight

I took this photo on Saturday, June 25th, 2022. This is on an airplane that I was flying from Minneapolis to Los Angeles.

This is the first airplane lock I’m posting! Let’s get into it.

Airplane slide bolt lockAirplane slide bolt lock Airplane slide bolt lock

The lock structure is, outwardly, almost as simple as you can possibly get. One little knob, one way for it to go in either position its in, and that cute little sign above it with a lock graphic and an arrow. No words required. This makes it easily accessible for those who may not speak English – although I have to imagine the concept of a bathroom lock is relatively universal, but who knows?

I have no idea what that little code of numbers and letters, “414A5117-146” means. I also don’t really know how to classify or name these locks, so I’m going with “Slide Bolt Lock” – but I could be wrong.

I also have no idea how these locks actually function. I wish I knew the mechanism, because triggering the lock in an airplane generally also will trigger the light to come on, as well as the “Occupied” lights that show up in the main cabin of the plane. For such a simple little latch, it must have a lot of complex systems in the doorframe!

There’s not much room for any artistic wear on plane locks, since they’re cleaned regularly and minimal in design. But I do appreciate the pattern on the door, that little confetti-like grey, as well as the slightly rougher texture which makes the lock sign look extra smooth in comparison.

The door handle itself is quite solid, with a very sleek design, and I like that there’s a latch for a jacket here too – it’s in the upper left corner in the last pic. It’s one of those fold-out hooks, so it even fits back in the door when you’re not using it. That’s so convenient!

We will see other airplane restroom locks quite similar to this one in the future. Thanks!